Puma Kenpo, Practical United Martial Arts trains student to become better, stronger, more confident people using the powerful system called Kenpo. Established in 2010, and conveniently located near the DC Metro area in Rockville, md, Puma Kenpo offers a fitness program which is highly effective and people stick with it. Each program is tailored to your personal goals be they self defense and or fitness. Puma Kenpo will customize a program for you using Kenpo Karate, Judo, Sambo, Escrima or Jujitsu to build your body, train your mind, and revitalize your spirit.



Women's self-defense is another integral part of PUMA.


Women are not just taught to fight and defend, this program is set up which teaches street smart awareness, verbal combat, common scenarios that women face on the street, and tactics. The self-defense techniques taught are based on setting an attacker up, breaking their balance, and using leverage to effectively defend yourself. Various attacks, defenses, mugging situations, and weapons defense are also taught.

PUMA provides a program in which:

  • Women can feel safe
  • Confident
  • Self & Situation awareness
  • Self-Protection Skills
  • Knife Defense Skills
  • Rape Defense Skills


Integrity of P.U.M.A.

P.U.M.A. is devoted to maintaining the integrity of martial arts practice and to those that handed it down. That is not just found in the curriculum, but in how it is delivered and received. Time has no relevance when compared to the richness of information. We drill, drill, drill. Why? To be able to wield motion to One's body type. There should be no thought when a strike/technique is done. It has been trained thousands of times! This also creates healthy habits for learning anything!